Slot machines with respins

After making a bet and starting the game reel, the player has almost no way to influence the outcome. He only has the right of choice in the bonus round, or when it comes to doubling the winnings. Situations are common where there is only one symbol missing to win a large sum. Experts from Microgaming decided to remedy the situation and created two slot machines equipped with a re-spin function:

  • Retro Reels,
  • Reel Gems.

If you want to try out these games in person, you should find a reliable casino at and start playing.

The function Respin in slot machines

Respins allow players to influence the result of the round. Thus, when falling out in the first spin on the drum four of the same and one different symbol is allowed to make another spin. This is done for an additional fee, and you can re-spin only one selected reel.

This option is simple enough. After the usual choice of bet, start the round and then stop the reels, the player can select an additional spin. To do this, press Respin. This button appears at the bottom of each reel. The price of rotation will depend on the situation, the specific drum and the outcome of the combination after the re-spin. The larger the expected winnings, the higher the amount. The Respin button allows spinning only one selected reel.

All other payments will correspond to the previously set rate. You can use the re-spin option an unlimited number of times, and spin the selected reel as long as necessary. The Respin function is not available after changing the bet and in the bonus round. Slots with the re-spin option are already present in many Microgaming machines. Since this feature is popular and quite in demand, several other models that support the Respin option have recently been introduced.

  • Bikini Party. This game will appeal to fans of the sea, beach, volleyball and noisy pool parties. Naturally, the main advantage of this game is the respins, which allow you to spin the reels after completing a round any number of times. The price of spins is not fixed, and is determined by a specific game situation.
  • Dragon Dance. A wonderful game about China. People in the image of dragons dancing, having fun and celebrating the Chinese national holiday. Suitable for anyone interested in oriental traditions, customs and culture. The respins function here is exactly the same. The cost varies depending on the situation in the game.
  • Wild Orient. The model with juicy drawings and details will immerse you in the wonderful world of animals of the Far East, as well as give you the opportunity to use the paid respins. The re-spins option works the same way: for a certain cost, which in this game is automatically set depending on the situation, you can buy an additional spin. There is also a feature of free spins with increasing odds.
  • When Pigs Fly! Model with a funny name and a handy feature re-spins released company NetEnt. The main advantage of the extra spins in this online game is a gradual increase in the number of cells in the lines after each spin, which greatly increases the likelihood of falling out winning combinations. And re-spin the drum can be after the appearance of any combination that pays.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the option of paid reps is gaining popularity and is in great demand among players of online slots. Therefore, we can assume that in the near future will be released more than one model with this feature. You can find the best online casinos that will have such games here