Online poker is a real way to earn money

Poker can definitely be called one of the greatest and most interesting gambling games. In poker, you can become a millionaire in an instant or just be left with nothing. One has only to remember those lucky ones who have risen out of nowhere and earn millions of dollars a year on this game. For those who are going to earn poker on the Internet, the fees will not be so huge. But to reach $ 500 a month is a doable task for anyone who decides to take it wisely.

So is it possible to make money playing poker on the Internet?

Of course – playing online poker, you can consistently earn! That’s all, because poker, although a game of chance, is still very different from other games that can be found in online casinos. In such games, whether it be blackjack, roulette or a slot machine, you play against the casino. Of course, the owner of a gambling establishment is extremely interested in his own enrichment. And, therefore, is interested in you to lose more.

Therefore, online poker is the best choice. In poker, you play against players like you. The casino here acts as a platform, providing you with chips, cards, a game table and so on. Profit poker rooms receive from the fact that they take the “rake” – a percentage of the gain. It turns out that there is absolutely no difference in who wins – you or someone else. Room owners will still receive their share of this gain.

You can earn poker. And make good money. That’s just it will not happen right away. You can learn the rules of poker in 20 minutes, but it will not give you much. For a successful game, you need to know the strategy, have the experience of the game, which will amount to tens of hours. This will give you skills that allow you to look at a game of poker differently, understand opponents, and maybe even guess cards.

Here’s what you need to make money on poker:

  1. Of course, your desire
  2. Patience (until you have gained experience and studied enough literature, you should not start playing for money, otherwise you risk losing everything)
  3. Strictly follow the guidelines and advice received in theory and practice.
  4. Diligence (you need to learn and practice a lot)

This information should help you understand the essence of your upcoming poker training. And if you do everything right, then poker will become not only a hobby for you, but also a means of additional income. This is especially true for those who have chosen the most reliable sites for the game. For example, you can try play online at pin up casino.

Poker History

There are an infinite number of games in our world that are definitely becoming popular among us. One of them is poker. At present, this game has become widely known. Poker rooms have flooded the Internet, television broadcasts are becoming permanent, championships and tournaments around the world are systematically held. What is the reason for this popularity of poker?

Let’s try to plunge into the history of poker

There are various versions of the advent of poker. According to one, the appearance of the game dates back 400-500 years, and according to another, at the beginning of the 19th century. For example, in 1526 in Italy and Spain for the first time a game called “primero” was mentioned, which in many ways is similar to poker today. In France, the game was called “brelan”, possibly coming from the English word “Brag”, that is, boasting. Card games in Europe at that time included bluffing elements.

For the first time the name “poker” was mentioned by the English actor Joseph Cromwell, who described the game, known in New Orleans as early as 1829. Jonotan Green in his book (1843) describes the rules of the game called the game of cheating. The game was popular on Mississippi River Ships. There is an opinion that it was Green who first called the “game of deception” poker.