How to win at online casino

Mathematical expectation is always on the side of the institution, because gambling business, like any other, must be profitable. But if it was impossible to win in the casino, nobody would play there, right? So, is it still possible to beat the institution? In this article we will list all the possible ways to circumvent the casino advantages.

Guaranteed winnings

The casino always wins – you just have to put up with it. The payout percentage in fair casinos varies between 95-99.5% depending on the type of game or video slot settings. Therefore, it is guaranteed to win. Those who claim otherwise are liars and cheaters. Do not be tempted to pay a couple of tens of dollars for a strategy that supposedly allows you to win several thousand a week. Even if someone managed to develop it – this secret will be kept as a state secret. But there are exceptions to any rule.

How to beat online casinos

To increase your profit without breaking the rules is real if you use bonuses and win them back in slots with high payout percentages. In this case the mathematical expectation becomes positive for the player. You can find such slots at

Buggy in slot machines

Shortcomings and bugs in slots at good manufacturers are very rare, but still no one is immune from them. We are not talking about major software failures – in this case, the casino simply cancels all the winnings, this point is in the rules of all gambling establishments. It’s just that sometimes video slots can be sensitive to a certain size of the rate and give out winnings much more often than provided by the random number generator. If you are lucky enough to find such a machine, we recommend you not to be greedy and play without attracting special attention. It is better to withdraw the winnings immediately after the gaming session, or suddenly the casino administration will be interested in your person.

More details about bugs, errors and slots holes

In collusion with another player. Collusion refers to “grey” casino gambling schemes and is prohibited by the rules. But if you are careful and prudent, winning the bonus without risk at roulette, you can get a profit. The playout scheme is as follows: two players make counter bets on red/black and cover the zeros. Thus, a vager is played back, and players lose only bets on zero.

Hacking software

The most “black” way to beat online casinos is to hack into the site of the institution. But the servers of European casinos are protected as well as banking ones, so geniuses of hacker attacks prefer to hack just banks: the risk is the same and the money is more. Over the past decade, recorded one or two cases of hacking gambling sites, so any offer of access to a hacked site at a low price – it’s a deception.

Software Features

Among the manufacturers of game software it is best to choose NetEnt. In addition to interesting design and exciting gameplay video slot Swedish developer has an important feature: random number generator works the same way as in demo mode, and in the real game. This is the foundation of our developed strategy for playing casino NetEnt. Here are some important points:

  • Test slot machines in free mode. Test long, changing the size of bets, use the MaxBet button to change the cycle. Before you put real money, you need to determine the mood of the machine (gives / does not give), sensitivity to certain bets and change the game cycle. This will allow you to choose the most profitable slot.
  • The same applies to card games and roulette – try to play for free first. So you will test the “win-win” game system for free and safely lose only wraps.
  • A number of observations allows you to conclude that the game software is tailored to a particular player.